7 of the World’s Weirdest Museums

While most museums display artworks and pottery, these 7 of the worlds weirdest museums display fake art, stuffed frogs, authentic anti-vampire kits and more!

Many people have beautiful holiday memories visiting a museum. London’s British Museum, Louvre in Paris and even the New York Met perhaps. 

But have you ever been to a unique museum on your holidays that feature fake art, frogs and vampires?

Not all museums are created the same; some have the classic artworks and pottery fragments and a few dinosaur bones here and there. But other quirky museums exist around the world that definitely deserve a visit. 

If you want to go travelling but don’t know where to visit first, go and experience something different and unique. Visit a few of the museums below to take some pictures of that will surely get people back home interested in your vacation.

Here are some of the weirdest museums out there:

Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg

museum artwork face abstractThis miniature wonderland is the worlds biggest model railway museum. It even has its own airport. Featuring over 1,300 trains that travel between the cities from the Swiss Alps over to Norway’s Fjords. Twin brothers, Frederick and Gerrit Braun, created this wonderland in the year 2000, and it has so far cost a vast 8 million Euro.

Frida Kahlo Museum 

Located in a beautiful spa town in Germany’s black forest, the Frida Kahlo Museum is home to a shrine of the surrealist painter who comes from Mexico. There are over 100 hand-painted copies all done by anonymous Chinese artists that re-created the original artist’s famous works. This museum is described as weird but very brilliantly done and impressive.

Musee Des Vampires in Paris

Ok, now it is time to forget Louvre. If you are visiting Paris, then you need to go to the Musee des vampires museum. A writer and self-proclaimed vampirologist, Jacques Sargent, has now opened up his collection of vampire paraphernalia for everyone to see. You will see vampire masks, film posters and even an anti-vampire kit from well within the 19th century.

Coffin Works Birmingham

The Coffin Works in Birmingham is a museum that is all about coffins and how they are made. On display are the workbenches and shelves containing the original tools of the trade. The museum tells stories about the history of how coffins were made for famous people in history, such as Churchill, Queen Elizabeth, and Chamberlain. There are even guided tours if you are interested.

The Traveling Paramuseum

museum statue roomFeaturing hundreds of haunted, historical, and supernaturally artefacts, the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult is the world’s only travelling museum of the unexplained. They travel around the world and carefully transport their art storage for exhibition displays.

Expertly curated by Dana & Greg Newkirk, pre-eminent researchers of the supernatural, the travelling museums invites curious visitors to inspect, investigate, and curate rare artefacts gathered from notorious hauntings, paranormal discoveries, cryptic occult discoveries, and much more.

Froggyland in Croatia

Now, this is a strange one. A museum that has over 500 stuffed frogs filling the museum. You can see the frogs exhibited in human scenes from everyday life. From playing music to shopping and learning at school, it seems this museum has the froggies doing all sorts of things. A beautiful place to take the kiddies for a bit of a laugh.

The Snooker Heritage Collection

Once known as the Norman Clare Collection, and now renamed to the Snooker Heritage Collection in Liverpool, is one of the world’s largest collection of billiards and snooker accessories. There is only one other museum in the world dedicated to such a niche sport like billiards, and that’s the Heinrich Weingartner Museum at Vienna.

This museum displays all sorts of billiards memorabilia, ranging from pool cues to pool balls, even snooker tables and other billiards accessories.

The Snooker Heritage Collection has no entry fee; however, as the rooms are merely part of a functioning office, a guide is required. Please make an appointment before visiting and note that the limits of people are four.

Visit one or visit them all. Add these to your bucket list and go through each one by one and let us know which you think is the weirdest.

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