Girl’s Bedroom Styling

Have some fun with patterns

Kids rooms are a great place for when you want to play with some different designs. In the room, you can have a few different patterns working together to create a stylish mix. Don’t be afraid to put a striped dresser in the room that has a floral feature wall. Enjoy taking a risk.

Ah, pretty in pink

Having a pink girl’s room is a thrill for girls of all ages. If you go with a soft pink wall, it is quite age-neutral. A tufted bed frame with an ornate rug can grow alongside your little sweetheart. If you are looking for some sparkle, consider a chandelier which will add some maturity to the space for older girls. If you are dealing with a small room, go with a twin bed and some fine furniture that has plenty of storage space. This will create a functional interior design style and be aesthetic at the same time. 

Playful geometry

Consider going with a light grey wall which can be used as a blank canvas against bright accessories and furniture in the bedroom. Go for an upholstered headboard that has the shape of a house. Yellow works well with grey so you could throw in a yellow footboard or mirror. 

Perfect storage

It doesn’t matter what your girl is interested in; she will still need plenty of storage. Kitchen cabinetry works well for storage space and is easily worked into a girl’s bedroom design. The semi-custom cabinets can work as a built-in around the bed. Some drawers under the bed will add even more storage for her treasures.

Miss lavender

Mixing lavender purple with pink is a hit for a girl’s bedroom. The colours can grow with the child and it gives a twist to classic feminine shades. Consider pairing it with some soft neutrals and some periwinkle, so you get a glam vibe, as well as a classic look. Having lavender window treatments, walls and throw blankets will suit young girls along with teenagers.

Perfect bunks

Whether your daughter is sharing a room or loves to have sleepovers, you certainly need to consider having bunks. You can store toys up top if it isn’t being used and then it can convert into a bed if someone is staying over. Bunks can be painted fun colours and a rug underneath that is brightly coloured can help to break up the room.

Fun with colours

You can have a foundation of white which gives a modern look. With some lipstick pink and sherbet green, you will create a youthful personality in the decor and design. Having a two-colour scheme is quite simple, yet having an overpowering third colour can make the room too busy. Just do something small with a third colour, and it can be a way to add a different tone without making the room too confusing and cluttered. 

Add some sparkle

All little girls’ rooms need some sparkle. You can consider a star wallpapered ceiling or even some pops of bright coral and powder blue that will help to break up the pink colour scheme. Light fixtures are a great way to add sparkle, especially if you believe design items might not last too long in a child’s room.

It is an exciting time setting up and coming up with designs for your little girls’ room. There is no incorrect way to decorate a girl’s room, and it will depend on their personal preference as to how you decorate. Don’t be afraid to work with different colours and textures to create something different.

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