How to ensure that eye contact do not rotate

Halloween is the time to use cosplay contact lenses even for those who don’t know about it. Cosplay contacts such as cat-eye contact, dragon eye, and reptile eye contact are a popular way to change your look at Halloween. These various eye contact can make cosplay more meaningful effortlessly.

While it is difficult to select the costume, it is more difficult to select a pair of lenses for your Halloween transformation.

Crazy contact lenses can change your look to a scary one because they are blurry and bright and they can completely cover your original eye colour.  With crazy contact lenses for cat eyes, you can boast of the cruel wild reptile eyes on a scary Halloween night.

Contact lenses

The cat-eye contact lenses feature a classic cat-eye portrait and come in a variety of colours. They change the shape of your eyes and are perfect for Halloween costumes and cosplay. Unfortunately, most of them spin. Using eye contact that is rotating affects not only your performance but also obstructs your vision and may cause injuries due to tripping in the dark.

We shall be listing the causes and possible remedies.



Cat contact lenses are curved or have an arch shape. It helps to maintain a certain shell shape. An average human curvature ranges from 8.00 mm to 10.00 mm. The most common cat curvature is designed at 8.6mm.

The problem arises when the model has to be rotated at a certain angle and there is still a slim margin for it to be perfect, therefore, the lenses must be symmetrical and look the same in every corner.

Cosplay contacts using opaque and heavy pigments can rotate which often affects vision. Contact lenses of this type are available in one size. The size of the iris may vary if the cosplay contacts of the eye continue to move regardless of the opacity of the colour. This causes problems because people’s eyes are different. The cat contact lens can only be perfect if the curve of the eye matches the curve of the lens If not, they can always rotate.


You should go to the ophthalmologist for a prescription to diagnose the cause of your discomfort.

You can also visit the manufacturing company for another pair of lenses if it is not suitable for your look or is too large for your eyes. It is bad if the company that created them does not have a balanced contact lens to maintain the direction of other designs.

2. Makeup

When the cosplayers customize their look with special makeup Shadow particles, glitter dust, and charms can stick to the lens surface.

A line of water firmly attached to the edge turns the contact lens into glue which can cause the lens to float as the eyelids move.


Keep your eyes hydrated with eye drops compatible with contact lenses to avoid discomfort.


Circular contact lens is limited to a few millimetres, but eye blinks can make it move slightly in the eye. The whole process is very fast, as contact lenses are updated automatically. Cosplay contacts with special effects and design complexities can interfere with your vision while rotation continually.

A typical example is dragon contact with a vertical spacing design. This lens tends to spin and may make your look unattractive and unpleasant when you go out.


There are some brands, such as Colorful, to have more technical contacts on one side. This provides stabilization and prevents tunnel vision. You can avoid putting yourself in an awkward position by getting one.



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