How to Make Your Halloween Costume More Realistic and Creepy

We all know Halloween for its creepy nature, but there are even things that can be creepier than Halloween itself. This is making the costume and outfit for Halloween itself a lot more realistic and even far creepier than many can imagine. This can sound like the plot for a super horror movie, but you will find it interesting.

This piece is going to give you ideas on how you can turn your scariest Halloween costume ideas into haunting realities. If you are ready, read on. Here are steps or ideas for inspiration as you decide to bring out reality and extremely creepy nature in your Halloween costume:

  • Hold Nothing Back Mentally

Everything starts with an idea. So, if your dream is how to make the most cringe-inducing outfit ever for Halloween, the first thing you need to realize is that you have to open your mind and consider all possibilities. Once you know that anything is possible, you start coming up with a lot more ideas on how to actualize this dream.

Horror clown for halloween

  • Get Real, Use Real Horror Items

Who else remembers that horror movie they watched years ago that still gives them chills at night? Well, what made such movies so vivid and realistic is the depth of reality passed across to the viewer. So, what this means is that if you want your Halloween to scare the lives out of people and make the memory remain with them for life, then you have to get serious.

You need to incorporate items like blood imitation, hair, bones, rotten flesh imitation materials, fake knives, Halloween special contact lenses and so on. These are real items of horror and you must be ready to blend everything in your costume if you want to stimulate that real shock effect in everyone. You can even add animal skulls or plastic (but very realistic plastic human skulls) to your attire.

  • Imitate the Human Skin of a Witch, Wizard, Sorcerer, or Magician.

Another idea you can utilize to great effect is to imitate the human skin. The best way to do this is to purchase hyperrealistic silicone masks. Get the ones that have the witchcraft themes so that when you wear these masks, you are going to look like a really scary witch or a ruthless magician. Imagine you emerging from nowhere in the middle of the night looking like an aged witch, you are going to scare the hell out of many people. You could even consider pairing your costume with contrast coloured contact lenses such as red, green or even white. Spruce up that look!

  • Incorporate Eerie Sounds

When talking of costumes, some do not think of or even consider sounds at all, they focus only on the appearance. However, if you want to get a realistic effect, then you have to do the costume in such a way that you stimulate all the senses of everyone. One of these senses is that of hearing. Add clanging bells or anything that can produce a weird and piercing sound to your dress. That way, for every step you take across the street at night, you are going to sound very well like a ghost scurrying across the town – and that is precisely what scares people.

Halloween is one of the most interesting periods of the year. It is a festival celebrated in different parts of the globe. But now that you know that there are even more interesting ways by which you can get to make it more realistic, creepier and far shocking than usual, then do it!

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