Industrial Style Design

When old and new designs are blended, the result is always a masterpiece. That is what is currently happening in the décor world as people are resorting to old school interior designs. The industrial style is one of the interior design styles that is currently trending. This trend allows people to show parts of their houses which in normal scenarios would be hidden. The industrial style involves the use of natural wood, pipes and naked bricks, just to mention a few. Surprisingly, the style seems to work for a good number of people who have tried it. If you have been thinking of giving your home an industrial look, here are some of the interior design trends that you can consider.

Sprinkle the room with industrial accessories

This is one of the industrial décor styles that is currently trending. It mainly involves using salvaged industrial equipment to give your home a simple yet sophisticated industrial look. Depending on what you like most, this design gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want with your room. If you are into old vintage cars, you can have a few car parts in the room. Those who appreciate photography can also cover the walls with classic pictures that will give the room an industrial touch. Interior designers can give inspiration if you need ideas.

Expose the pipes

Over the years, the plumbing system in the house has been considered ugly and is often hidden from sight. With the new industrial design styles, the idea is to expose the pipes as much as you can. Some people have been able to give their homes this look by installing pipes that are not functional. Their sole function is to improve the appearance of the home. Those who are into this design have gone as far as moving into homes that were previously factories. Currently, such houses are in the market, and people seem to like them more and more.

Make it spacious

For industrial design to come out perfectly, the setup has to be in a large room that is open and spacious. This may involve having high raised ceilings to give the room the needed vertical space. The floor area also has to be large enough to accommodate all the accessories. With the correct arrangement, you will have a room that looks almost like a real warehouse. If the room is too large, you can acquire additional items to fill up the space using an industrial arrangement.

Go vintage

When dealing with industrial design styles, the surest way to go vintage is by applying a combined use of wood and metal. These two items have a unique way in which they blend when used together. They are the secret ingredient when it comes to completing the industrial look. When choosing a metal, ensure that it is rust-resistant in order to keep the room neat and tidy. Wood is mainly used to cover the floors to give them a vintage look. Additionally, you can use metal fragments to make the walls appear more beautiful. The right vintage furniture can also be used, and all items have to be strategically placed. This decor and design can create a sense of elegance.

Industrial lighting 

Proper lighting is the final ingredient that ads life to a room. Industrial lighting systems mainly have a metallic covering. In addition to this, the ceiling lamps have to hang slightly lower than the standard height. This can be made more aesthetic by customising the lamp shapes to look like the headlights of some old vintage cars. You can get all the needed materials by visiting a garage or a junkyard that deals with vintage cars.

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