Museum Worthy Hotels

There’s always someone attempting to be successful by demonstrating luxury in the cultural universe we now live in. And even though there are constantly lavish yachts and lush hotels to consider, there isn’t any denying that that waking up in a stunning city whilst taking a look at millions of dollars’ worth of amazing art is really incomparable. Beyond pleasing creature comforts, resorts are currently working to supply a cultural dimension to their guests’ experience with museum display worthy artwork collections. Hotels are often chosen because of their proximity to each of the things we wish to see –distance from galleries and museums, fantastic restaurants, or location on the beach. But it is likely to make artwork a destination in itself by simply choosing a resort that brings world-class sculptures and paintings to you.

If you are a lover of premium traveling and are planning to circumvent well-trodden, tourist-infested museum queues that this upcoming holiday season, we’ve put together some of the best places around the globe that boast amazing art collections–all can be enjoyed without needing to step out of your resort.

1. Langham Place, New York

In October 2015, Langham Place, New York introduced a permanent art collection worth over $2 million dollars featuring the work of American artist Alex Katz. Langham Place chose Katz’s work to be featured exclusively at the resort as it “best embodied the liveliness of New York City.” The work oozes elegance and features the sort of personalities which are representative of the resort guests. The art collection is congruent with the contemporary luxury image of Langham Place and reflects a design that’s uniquely New York. All these originals will be suspended from the lobby ceiling and also is going to be an important feature of the function space renovation to the third floor, which can be officially known as The Gallery in Langham Place. Additionally, a collection of prints was made especially for the guest floor corridors, together with the guest suites and rooms. Both original oil paintings displayed in the lobby were selected due to the representation of men and women in profile. It’s a reflection of those walking on Fifth Avenue–a view guests see throughout the resort’s floor-to-ceiling windows at street level as they sit at the recently refurbished lobby. The other original artworks are portraits of individuals out of Katz’s personal life, such as his wife Ada, who he’s painted on over 200 occasions during his career.

2. One & Just Ocean Club

Long known among the planet’s most exclusive hotels, One&Only Ocean Club features a million-dollar collection of pieces from local Canadian turned Bahamian artist Jane Waterous in the communal areas of the resort, in addition to the hotel’s restaurant. The hotel features “Gatherings,” Jane’s signature collection of three-dimensional paintings; “Neon,” installments comprising of classic materials of neon, mirror, and paint to make high impact visual surprises; “Morse,” paintings which contain translated excerpts of renowned speeches, songs, and poems to the deceptively easy dots and dashes of these universally accepted Morse Code; “Harmony,” inspired by her travels in Asia depicts a succession of at rest monks; and “Into the Blue,” featuring kids leaping into the sea and skies. Following recent improvements, the hotel also boasts excellent world-class offerings, including the brand-new Ocean Pool and Grill, fully-renovated Hartford Wing, Versailles Gardens, One&Only Spa, broad selection activities and shopping in NEO boutique.

3. St. Regis Atlanta

Found in the centre of Buckhead in The St. Regis Atlanta, this magnificent treasure provides an incredibly unique and cherished visual experience for diners whenever they eat at the in-house restaurant. Green lacquered walls provide the background for the artworks, which can be seen from all the vantage points in the restaurant. A selection of paintings that are famous, including works from van Gogh, Picasso, Chagall, Freud, Soutine and Bacon have been placed on the walls of the Atlas Restaurant–a brand new restaurant. This impressive group features twenty-four 20th century masterworks in the Lewis Collection, among the more significant private art collections in the world. Noteworthy paintings Exhibited at Atlas comprise Picasso’s “Dora Maar,” Francis Bacon’s “Study for Portrait,” among others by Picasso, Vincent van Gogh and Marc Chagall.

4. Macq01, Hobart

Positioned in the heart of Hobart Tasmania, this beautifully designed wharf hotel in Hobart really tells its own story of the land’s past and history through an exhibition showcase of old paintings and drawings of what was the ‘Old Wharf’ and the history of how the Old Wharf transformed from a busy and bustling location into a slum like, poverty stricken area and back into a successful and flourishing wharf as a result of the hard work of businessman George Peacock and Henry Jones after him. This storytelling hotel beautifully encapsulates the story of its location.

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